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   Electronic Onboard Scale Systems

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UNITED STATES: 1-888-340-6246

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Canada: 800 663-0854340-6246

PNT  digital indicators are highly adaptable to a wide variety of weighing situations.
They are available already programed to your application.  For those special applications, we can provide a custom program to meet your individual need, whether it be for a platform scale, use in a transfer station, or something else.  Either way, you will be using one of the industry’s most advanced and reliable digital weighing indicators.

PNT load sensors are manufactured to the highest standards, using high alloy heat-treated steel.   They can be used for on-board weighing or stationary applications. Potential on-board applications would be log trucks and trailers or loads mounted on truck frames while platform scales or tank/bin weighing could be stationary applications.

PNT has been providing on-board weighing systems to the log truck market for over 20 years.  We are well acquainted with the harsh environment encountered by the haulers and have developed reliable products to meet their needs.  That experience has been carried over to other aspects of the trucking industry, such as bulk haulers and general trucking fifth-wheel applications.


     PNT 500 Hand Held Display


“I bought my first set of PNT scales 10 years ago and now have 9 trucks scaled with PNT. The scales are very accurate and I am real happy with the technology and with the self diagnostics, we are able to do any scale troubleshooting ourselves”  Jerry, V&S Log Express


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500 Hand Held Remotes

“I have 20 trucks with PNT scales. I bought my first set 15 years ago. PNT has a very good product. The scales very simple, precise and user friendly.”  Jeff, Marson Trucking

“I purchased my first set of PNT scales in1998. I have had no problems at all and am converting all trucks my trucks to PNT. My son is now buying 6 more sets of PNT scales.”  James, James Gedenberg Log Trucking LLC

“I have been hauling since 1953 (over 60 years). The PNT scales are the best scales I have ever owned.They are the most accurate (average within 200 pounds every load). At 79 years of age I park my truck in the winter. In the spring I check the scale calibration and never have to re-calibrate all summer.”  Abe Loewen

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